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Posted on July 15, 2021

Visitation Update

Dear Families and Friends,

We hope this letter finds you well and enjoying a well-deserved and beautiful summer.  We write this letter to serve as an update to our visitation policies here at Luxor at Mills Pond. While keeping our resident’s safe remains a top priority, given the significant decline in the COVID-19 positivity rate, we are able to exercise a cautious, yet more generous, visitation Policy.

Going in to effect Thursday, July 15th, the new visitation plan will consist of the following:

  • All visits will need to be pre-scheduled a minimum of 2 days prior through our scheduling web portal. For those without access to the web, please reach out to your social worker to schedule a visit.

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  • Upon arrival at the facility, you will be screened prior to being able to see your loved one.
  • At this time we are still limiting visits to no more than 2 visitors at a time. Additionally, we suggest that visits do not exceed 60 minutes.
  • Where possible, visitations will be held in your loved ones room. In the event an in-room visit cannot be accommodated, we will accommodate you at a different location within the facility. However, in an effort to maintain infection control policies, it is imperative that all visitors remain in the designated location of that visit and do not walk to other parts of the building.
  • If your loved one is vaccinated: You are not required to practice Social Distancing when with your loved one and are not required to wear a mask. However, when walking within our facility to your loved ones location, as well as on your way out, you are required to wear a mask.
  • If your loved one is NOT vaccinated: You are required to practice Social Distancing when with your loved one and are required to wear a mask at all times. Please adhere to this policy during your time in our facility. Failing to do so will result in the loss of your visitation rights.
  • All newly admitted residents who are not vaccinated are required remain in isolation for a period of 14 days. During that 14 day isolation window those residents cannot receive visitors and the above visitation policy will only go in to affect once they are off of isolation.

It is our hope that our updated Visitation Policy will allow for a better experience when visiting your loved one. Please take note, as mentioned above, we will be switching to an online process for setting up visitation. The Visitation Hotline Phone will no longer be operational on July 20th, 2021. Furthermore, please keep in mind, in the event of a COVID outbreak within the facility, the visitation program will be paused until it can be safe to reopen per our COVID Outbreak Protocols.

In the event you have any questions relating to our visitation policy please reach out to your Social Worker or feel free to email us at:

We sincerely hope that the rest of your summer is an enjoyable one and hope this is another step of many to come that will bring us closer to normalcy and a time where we will no longer need to adhere to these many protocols. We appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation, but most of all we appreciate you entrusting us with the care and safety of your loved one.



Michael Hoch, LNHA                        Katherine Itzkowitz, RN, MBA, LNHA

Administrator                                      Director of Nursing