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Recovery refined

Getting better doesn’t get any better than this.

Rated a 5-Star facility by CMS

When loved ones look to recover from illness, injury, or disease, the road home travels straight through the heart of St. James:

Luxor at
Mills Pond.
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Short-term rehab, made shorter
Short-term rehab, made shorter

We love being your temporary home. But our mission is to get you back to your permanent one faster—and stronger than before.

Short-term rehab, made shorter
Complex clinical competence

Local hospitals trust us with their most intensive cases because we have the medical talents and resources to rise to any clinical challenge.

Short-term rehab, made shorter
Dedicated, secured dementia unit

Despite cognitive deterioration, residents enjoy comforting indoor/outdoor spaces in absolute physical and emotional safety.


“She’s my mom.
Of course I thought twice.”

When Debby needed a recovery facility for her mother, only Luxor at Mills Pond had the right mix of proven therapies and enriching experiences. Mom spent 19 days with us. She still speaks about that time with nostalgia.

We believe

A patient has a past.
But a person has a future.

Luxor at Mills Pond is a community of passionate people working together to get better. Our residents arrive at our doorstep as residents of acute illness, injury or disease flare-up, but always leave our embrace as renewed people with a bright tomorrow. No matter how or why they got here, we get them going forward––toward home, happiness and independence.

When the journey is what matters, this is the only destination.

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