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Posted on September 24, 2020

Important Visitation Updates At Luxor Nursing And Rehab At Mills Pond




Dear Residents, Families and Friends,


Welcome Back! We hope you and your family have had a safe, fun and relaxing summer. We want to express how grateful we are to all of the families for understanding the restrictions we have faced since the onset of Covid19. We also want to take this opportunity to update you about ongoing measures being taken to protect the rights, health and safety of all the residents that reside here. We know that our nursing home residents are at high risk of infection from Covid 19 and that visitors and healthcare personnel are the most likely sources of introduction of the virus into the building.  We also know that appropriate PPE, testing and cohorting are the key to controlling the spread in nursing homes.


Since testing began, we continue to monitor staff and residents for symptoms of respiratory illness. Non-essential healthcare personnel continue to be restricted from entering the facility. Our staff are actively monitored for fever and symptoms of respiratory infection. You may see staff wearing additional PPE such as eye protection, gown and gloves in order to prevent germs from spreading and keep residents safe. Ill healthcare personnel are sent home, and are not permitted to return until they have a negative Covid swab. We continue to assess residents daily for fevers and symptoms of respiratory infection in order to quickly identify ill residents and implement additional infection prevention activities.


Those Residents that are symptomatic have been appropriately cohorted. This may have required a room change. Please know that the resident and family will continue to be notified prior to the room change, but it is a necessary step in the process to protect the resident’s health. Residents who refuse testing will need to be cohorted with individuals of an alike status. New admissions and those residents requiring an outside medical appointment are cohorted and maintained on contact and droplet precautions for 14 days. While on isolation visitation is not permitted.

Communal dining and activities remain suspended as directed by the Department of Health. We continue to help residents practice social distancing, including during meals and to frequently clean their hands.


We recognize that aside from the obvious psychological benefits that visitation and companionship provide, visitation is also clinically beneficial to our residents. Families/Visitors often provide direct care that is not only supplemental to that provided by the facility staff, but essential to resident’s health and safety. In addition, visitors’ observations, supervision and advocacy ensure residents are getting their care delivered appropriately and as needed which is always our goal. To ensure our visitation program continues please follow the guidelines below:


  • Visitation hours are 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 5pm Monday – Saturday and are limited to 30 minutes.
  • All visitors require a Covid swab with a negative result within 7 days prior to the visit.
  • All visits must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  • Visitation can be scheduled by calling the Visitation Hotline at 516-361-7372. Please note messages left on voice mail still require a call back from our staff to confirm your visit.
  • Visitors will be screened prior to entering the building. Anyone exhibiting clinical symptoms will not be permitted into the building.
  • A face mask is required.
  • Per NYS DOH regulations social distancing measures will remain in effect throughout the visit, food may not be eaten and visitors will be limited to the predesignated visitation area.



We are encouraged as our re-opening begins and look forward to working together in providing safe visitation. Thank you very much for everything you are doing to assist us in keeping the residents safe and healthy. We will continue to keep you informed about any new precautions we think are necessary to keep your loved one safe.



Please feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions.


Michael Hoch, LNHA, Administrator


Kathy Itzkowitz, MS, RN, LNHA, Director of Nursing



VISITATION Frequently Asked Question’s

1. Do I need to have a COVID swab prior to visiting my loved one?

Yes, all visitors MUST have a negative COVID swab prior to coming to visit.

2. How long is the negative result good for?

Each visitor must have proof they were swabbed and had a negative result within 7 days prior to the visit. For Example: if you get swabbed on Thursday, 9/17 and got your results on Monday 9/21, you will be able to visit until Wednesday, 9/23. After that point it will be 7 days since the date you were swabbed and you will need a new swab with a negative result.

3. May I bring lunch or eat with my loved one?

There is no food allowed during visitation.

4. May I bring a child with me to visit my loved one?

Children under the age of 18 years old may come and must be accompanied by an adult above the age of 18 years old.

NOTE: Children will be subject to the same requirements as adult visitors including but not limited to: Screening and a negative COVID swab, in order to visit our facility.

5. How long is each visit?

Each visit is scheduled for 30 minutes and may not exceed 30 minutes.

6. How many people can visit at once? Can we bring our entire family?

Visitation is limited to 2 (two) visitors per session. If more people would like to visit they would have to book a separate visit.

7. Where is visitation held? May I tour the facility when I come visit my loved one?

Visits are held in our outdoor courtyard on the ground floor. Visitors may not tour the facility as there are strict limitations as set forth by NYS DOH, including but not limited to, the fact that visitors may not use the facility bathrooms.

8. My visit is scheduled for 2:00pm – what time should I plan to arrive?

We ask all visitors to come approximately 10 minutes before their meeting time to allow us to get through the required screening process.

9. Where do I go for my visit?

Visitors with a scheduled visit should wait on the left side of the main entrance outside the building on one of the “Social Distance Stickers” and wait for the “Visitation Monitor” to come greet you and begin the screening process.

10. I called the “Visitation Hotline” and left message, does that mean I can come visit my loved one?

Your visit is not confirmed until you get a call back from our staff confirming the time and date of the visit.

11. I keep calling the visitation hotline and no one is picking up the phone, is it broken?

The Visitation Hotline is manned Monday – Friday, 9:30am-5:30pm, in the event you call during those hours and we do not answer your call please leave a message and someone will get back to you.


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