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Posted on November 12, 2019

Luxor Nursing and Rehab at Mills Pond with 5 Tips on Holiday Traveling with Seniors

The popular song may say “to Grandmother’s house we go,” but the reality is that more and more elderly folks are traveling to younger relatives’ homes for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Whether grandma and grandpa are driving, or you are planning on taking them with you, there are many things you may not have considered when you agreed to take a senior in your life on a road trip.

Luxor Nursing and Rehab at Mills Pond would like to share five tips from AAA when it comes to getting seniors to their destination, safe and sound.

  • Check the Forecast

Unfortunately, these holidays take place during times when travel can be rough. Snowy and icy roads can be a challenge at any time, but it can be especially dangerous when there are more cars on the roads, and if elderly people are driving, as their reaction time may be diminished. If perilous weather is in the forecast, consider changing your travel plans.

  • Prepare Your Vehicle

Be sure to have your car’s maintenance schedule up-to-date and have the tires inspected before embarking on your journey, especially if many miles on the highway are a part of your trip. Be sure to stock your car with jumper cables, a flashlight, blankets, spare tire (properly inflated), and a portable phone charger.

  • Check Medications for Side Effects

AAA reports that two-thirds of senior drivers take at least five medications daily. That can cause unwanted interactions and side effects that can inhibit one’s ability to drive. If you have any questions, check with the doctor or pharmacist.

  • Map Your Route

With apps like Google Maps and Waze, you can map out your route in advance so you’re well aware of heavy traffic, construction, or any other issues along the way. Try to plan for as much driving in the daylight as possible.

  • Plan Time for Extra Stops

A senior will likely need more frequent stops to use the rest room, eat, and stretch their legs. Schedule breaks every two hours, so everyone remains alert.

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