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Posted on May 7, 2019

Tech Tips with Luxor Nursing and Rehabilitation at Mills Pond: Getting the Most Out of Google, Siri, and Alexa

We know that new technology can be intimidating. However, taking some time to learn what it can do for you can make your life a lot easier.

Being able to search the internet is easier than ever. If you have a smartphone, you can open the Google app and type out what you’re looking for. On Apple devices, you can hold down the home button and ask Siri what you’re looking for aloud.

Now, you don’t even have to have a smartphone or computer to get information. With virtual assistant devices like Amazon’s Alexa, you can simply ask your question aloud to Alexa in your home, and “she” will answer you.

While new technology needs to be set-up properly, using it is very simple if you have an open mind. We at Luxor Nursing and Rehabilitation at Mills Pond would like to present you with four ways that Google, and other search devices, can make your life easier.

  1. Medication Information

While information you find online cannot be a substitute for a medical professional’s advice, you can get quick answers from Google. Dosage information for common medications are available, and in case you threw out the information sheet that comes with your prescription drugs, those are readily available online as well. Just search for the specific medication information that you’re looking for.

  1. The Weather

You no longer have to wait for the next local newscast to see what the weather is going to be like this weekend, or if you need to know if it’s going to rain or not tonight. Type in your city along with weather forecast into a search engine, or ask your Alexa device, “What’s the weather going to be like this weekend?” and you will have your answer immediately.

  1. Definitions

We’re never to old to learn new things, and sometimes when we’re reading a book, we will encounter a word we haven’t seen before. Just simply typing that word into the Google search bar will give you a definition without having to click on an additional link. Search engines can also help with spelling, in case you’re writing a letter and you’re not sure how to spell a word.

  1. Measurements and Conversions

We’re all been there. We’re in the kitchen, following a recipe that calls for a unit of measurement that doesn’t correspond to the utensils we have. If you need to know something like how many ounces are in a pint, simply put that information in and a conversion chart will pop up on your screen.

While using these tools are new to you, simply ask a younger person in your life to help you. Chances are they can make you an expert in no time, and then you’ll appreciate how much these devices can make your life easier.