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Posted on January 23, 2020

Luxor Nursing and Rehab at Mills Pond on 5 Items to Keep in Your Car This Winter

We’re in the heart of winter, and with it comes the dreaded snow and ice storms. Some bad timing can put you in your vehicle during these stressful events, or you could be victim to bad luck by suffering a car breakdown and getting stuck in the cold.

For these reasons, it’s important to carry supplies in your car during the cold-weather months that could be a lifesaver.

Luxor Nursing and Rehab at Mills Pond wants to go over a few of these items.

Hand-Crank Phone Charger

Having a car with a dead battery means you won’t be able to charge your phone when you might need it most. Be sure to carry a charging cord and adapter at all times but having a hand-crank phone charger is an excellent back-up plan in case you have a dead battery or you’re away from your car.


If you’re stuck in your car, you are provided with a relatively safe place in case of a breakdown, but running the engine constantly isn’t a good idea due to potential exhaust issues and the possibility that you could run out of gas. Keeping a blanket and hand warmers in the car can keep you warm without having to crank up the heat.

Road Flares

Flares are now battery operated, so they are much more convenient than having to ignite old-school flares. In snowy conditions, it’s hard to see a vehicle on the side of the road, so flares will easily gain drivers’ attention.

Folding Shovel

Be ready for those surprise snowstorms (or getting buried in a snowbank by a plow) by having a folding/collapsible shovel in your trunk.

Windshield De-icer

Get your windshield ready to go without having to let the defroster run for 15 minutes with a spray-on windshield de-icer product.

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