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Posted on November 19, 2019

Luxor Nursing and Rehab at Mills Pond News Alert: Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Commits $10 Million to Alzheimer’s Research

Twenty-five years have passed since Alzheimer’s disease was thrust into the national spotlight when President Ronald Reagan announced that he was suffering from the disease. 

On November 5, 1994, Reagan penned a letter to America where he revealed that he was diagnosed with the insidious disease.

“I now begin the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my life,” the 40th President of the United States wrote. He faded from public life and died in 2004.

Today, there are 5.8 million people living with the disease, which still has no cure.

Fortunately, researchers are hard at work trying to find that cure, and their efforts were buoyed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who announced that he’s putting forth $10 million towards something called the Diagnostics Accelerator. The total amount committed surpassed $30 million, taking into account donations from the Dolby family, the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, and Leonard Lauder. 

Gates says the money will allow Diagnostics Accelerator to take a “bold, risk-taking approach to research with an end goal of a real product for real patients.”

The hope is that the program will result in a way for physicians to diagnose Alzheimer’s before patients start showing signs of the disease. Researchers believe that Alzheimer’s starts damaging the brain up to a decade before symptoms become present. With an early diagnosis, the goal will be to significantly slow or altogether stop the progression of the disease, which currently progresses to the point to where it is fatal.

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